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Blackweiler Shred, 480g


80 servings.

BLACKWEILER SHRED – The Dark Side of You!

Imagine that darkness is falling all around you!

Nobody and nothing can prepare you for what is about to happen!

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You will feel the “dark” power of BLACKWEILER SHRED, which will light you up from the inside. Nothing can stop you now before undergoing the best training in your life! You stay together, you and your new ally in the struggle for the building of your dreams.

Remember one thing – you will not be prepared for what is going to happen now!

Your muscles will be filled with blood, your body will break out in a sweat, your mind will open up to new sensations!

Will you dare to try and enter a new level, or will you be a little boy satisfied with childish toys?

Look how scientists approached the composing of a new masterpiece in the field of pre-training supplements. It was in pharmaceutical laboratories, in the specialists’ eyes, in the conditions of continuous testing and improvements, where BLACKWEILER was created.

They put together synergistically as many as 16 pharmaceutical-quality components, which were encapsulated in 3 CRAZY formulas!

THE ARMAGEDDON-PUMP FORMULA – is a powerful combination of a large dose of citrulline and arginine, which participate in nitrogen oxide (NO) synthesis in an organism. The increased production of NO results in an increased muscle-tissue blood supply, which is transferred to the more-effective transport of nutrients to your muscles. Additionally, the use of sodium ions optimises the rehydrating of intercellular spaces and citrate ions enhances the maintaining of the vital pH in muscle cells, thanks to which it protects against acidification. This composition will provide you with an unrepeatable muscle pump, which you have never experienced before.

THE ENERGY-STORM FORMULA – will provide you with continuous and high efficiency during your training, thanks to supplying the substrate for ATP production and use of the components providing stability IN the intracellular environment. A double phosphate-pre carnosine buffer prevents adverse changes in the intracellular environment, which is transferred to the enhancing of energy production in the muscle cells and the increasing of training-related endurance. The B-group vitamins, which are used in the ENERGY-STORM FORMULA are responsible for the efficient extraction from fats and carbohydrates of basic substances for later ATP synthesis in the organism.

THE INFERNO SHREDDING MATRIX – is a true pride, and the cherry on the cake in the new BLACKWEILER SHRED. In the Olimp laboratory, the first complex of its kind, the composition was created of as many as 7 components, which enhance the thermogenesis process – 6 extremely powerful extracts with powerful thermogenic reactions: extracts of wasabi, ginger, cocoa tree, black pepper, green tea and cayenne pepper in connection with caffeine, clearly facilitating stored-fat reduction, which has been proved by numerous scientific studies.

So now, when you know about the idea that guided us to create BLACKWEILER, do you feel the same as we do?

Do you feel that you can do more, and that you are no longer petrified with fear?

Do you understand that before your very eyes, and with the aid of BLACKWEILER, new history is being created in pre-training supplementing, which is targeted, as well as its maximal invigoration and mega pump, at thermogenic reacting?!
Will you take up the challenge and dare to try BLACKWEILER?

Remember! A single package holds as many as 80 portions of a powerful dose of unlimited energy, which you will have to control!

Look what makes Blackweiler SHRED light you up red hot.

Cayenne-pepper extract – increases the volume of heat generated in the organism, simultaneously reducing the fat-synthesis rate in fat cells (adipocytes), reducing their growth rate. (Prog Drug Res. 2014;68:171-9, J Agric Food Chem. 2007 Mar 7;55(5):1730-6).

Black-pepper extract standardised to 95% of piperine – is an active substance which intensifies the processes of the thermogenesis and oxidising of the products of fat-tissue breakdown, and also increases the rate of metabolism. At the same time the studies demonstrate that the piperine can increase the serotonin and beta- endorphin level in the brain. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2011 Jun 1;35(4):1144-7.

The Cocoa-tree extract and theobromine included in it act as a stimulant, reducing the degrading of one of the intercellular transmitters, thereby preventing the drop of the lipolysis-process intensity, which is demonstrated by testing. Nutrients. 2013 Oct; 5(10): 4159–4173.

Ginger extract standardised to 5% of gingerol – testing demonstrates that the active components included in the extract, of which the most-valuable are gingerols, can enhance the metabolism rate, it takes place probably as a result of the improvement of the utilisation of oxygen in the muscle cells of the organism, thereby increasing the utilisation of free fatty acids as the Energy source. Metabolism. 2012 Oct;61(10):1347-52.

Green-tea extract standardised to EGCG – flavanols, polyphenol substances enhancing the fat-burning processes in the organism, strong antioxidants and lipolysis activators which help to liquidate the energy reserves of the fat cells. Phytother Res. 2004 Nov;18(11):945-6.

Caffeine enhances the metabolic rate, influences the extending of training time, and intensity, and stimulates the central nervous system and thermogenesis by increasing the body temperature.

That’s not all! We will explain to you what thermogenics are, to help you to understand the idea of BLACKWEILER SHRED! Thermogenics are

  • Food components which intensify thermogenesis, i.e. the intensive burning of fat with the dispersion of heat
  • At the same time anabolic, stimulating protein synthesis

They increase the level of the cell transmitter cAMP, initiate thermogenesis and anabolism, and operate extremely when they co-operate one with another following a detailed plan, as with BLACKWEILER SHRED.

The time has come for you to discover the “DARK” SIDE OF YOUR ABILITIES in any activity which you practise.

May the BLACKWEILER SHRED be with you!

Content per 1 scoop/3 scoops

Armageddon Pump Formula 2101 mg 6303 mg
L-Arginine alpha ketoglutarate
of which: L-arginine 1100 mg
721 mg 3300 mg
2162 mg
L-Citrullin 500 mg 1500 mg
of which sodium is 500 mg
115 mg 1500 mg
345 mg
Vitamin B6 0.93 mg 2.79 mg

Energy Storm Formula 1283 mg 3850 mg
Beta-alanine 1283 mg 3850 mg
Calcium 93.7 mg 281.1 mg
Phosphorus 72.7 mg 218.1 mg
Niacin 16 mg 48 mg
Thiamine 0.92 mg 2.76 mg

Inferno Shredding Matrix 485 mg 1455 mg
Wasabi extract 200 mg 600 mg
Caffeine 100 mg 300 mg
Cocoa extract (theobroma cacao)
of which: theobromine (20%) 70 mg
14 mg 210 mg
42 mg
Ginger extract (Zingiber officinale)
of which: gingerols (5%) 50 mg
2.5 mg 150 mg
7.5 mg
Green tea extract
of which: EGCG (55) 50mg
27.5 mg 150 mg
82.5 mg
Black pepper extract (Piper nigrum)
of which: piperine (95%) 10 mg
9.5 mg 30 mg
28.5 mg
Cayenne pepper extract (Capsicum annuum)
of which: capsaicin (8%) 5 mg
0.4 mg 15 mg
1.2 mg

Ingredients: beta-alanine, L-arginine alpha-acetoglutarate, aroma, acidity regulating agent (citric, malic), thickener (gum arabic, xanthan gum, sodium carboxymethylcellulose), L-citrulphosphate, calcium citrate, sodium citrate, sodium citrate, sodium citrate, sodium citrate Miq.) Matsum.), Lump preventants (silica), caffeine, cocoa extract (Theobroma cacao L.), ginger extract (Zingiber officinale Rosc.), Green tea extract (Camellia sinensis L.), sweetener (acesulfame K, sucralose), n. , black pepper extract (Piper nigrum L.), cayenne pepper extract (Capsicum annuum L.), pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine hydrochloride, dye (carotenes).

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