Focus Rx, 150g


33 servings.

Focus-Rx from PAL is a scaled and effective PWO that contains 5 subjects popular among elite athletics.
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Why Focus-RX?
• 5 performance enhancing ingredients, 0 padding
• Ingredients popular among elite athletics
• Perfect to combine with Pump-Rx or BCAA-Rx
• Scientific content with only proven subjects

Keep it simple, less is more, easy is good, cheap is good. The expressions are many and often true.
PAL as a trademark protects against power, proven content and transparency, as shown in Focus-Rx's extra-clarity - a high-efficiency and minimalistic PWO that delivers a smooth focus and extended performance through a combination of only a handful of selected and proven ingredients.

The Focus-Rx has collected rich doses of five ingredients popular among elite riders of all kinds, and found in almost all similar products, but at the same time it is completely stripped of other stuffing.

- 4 grams of creatine monohydrate
- 1 gram Taurine
- 2 grams tyrosine
- 300 mg caffeine

This composition provides beyond what you can expect from a focus PWO, plus a perfect product to combine with, for example, Pump-Rx or BCAA-Rx.

The stripped formula has also made it possible for P.AL. to offer a price picture among the lowest in the market.

The watches, reliable performance boost at unbeatable price - because everyone deserves to work out on top!

Dosage: Mix 1-2 buckets with 200 - 400 ml of water and drink 30 - 60 minutes before exercise

Number of doses per package: 33

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