About Us


– Making Thailand healthy –  

Currently there are some important new trends in the health and nutrition industry in the Asian market. As the population is growing, with it is welfare, increased disposable funds and an on going increasing interest of good health and nutrition. Due to the high amounts of sugar and fat in food, as well as the absence of exercising, people risk diseases such as diabetes and cardiac/vascular issues. This We want to change!

Elite Nutrition is based in Thailand since several years and have opened various health & consultancy centres to advise our clients on a healthy lifestyle. The Thai is eager to learn and the attitude is changing from an unhealthy to healthy lifestyle. Our client base consists of about 80-90% Thai local people. Our next step in growing our business is to expand with a nutrition line in which we are going to offer (preferably under own brand) specific (and gross) essential proteins for human consumption. Not only for the sports and health industry but also to help with malnutrition which is still an issue in emerging countries like Thailand and around (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar). Our first target is Thailand and we might expand later to these surrounding countries.