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Creavolution Engine from Swedish Supplements. Explosiveness on the can

  • Various well-proven forms of creatine
  • Excellent solubility in water
  • Delicious taste
  • Gentle to the stomach
  • Creatine has a proven effect on performance in
  • high intensity and short-term effort.
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Creavolution Engine from Swedish Supplements is an innovative “creatine stack” consisting of different bonding forms of creatine all with different improving properties. All forms are approved and well documented. Creavolution Engine also contains L-Leucin which is an essential amino acid that also has an excellent ability to counteract clumping of substances of a different hygroscopic nature. The product contains no unnecessary fillers or carbohydrates, only active substances. The product also has a unique buffering system that makes it alkaline and thus less sensitive to stomach acid.

“Creatine increases physical performance during repeated exertion associated with short-term and high-intensity exercise”. “This beneficial effect is achieved with a daily intake of 3g.
The product is perfect for any athlete who wants to improve their explosiveness and reduced lactic acid. Footballers, hockey players, track and field athletes, strength coaches and everyone in strength sports benefit from this product.

Creavolution Engine eliminates capsules to get a highly concentered product. In addition, it is well suited to mix in your own PWO.

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