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Swedish Supplements – I am fucked up – Spike – burn edition, 60 caps


Fucked Up Spike – 60 caps. from Swedish Supplements. Welcome to a new era of fat burning with the “Fucked Up Spike” – the ultimate catalyst for your weight loss journey. This advanced formula combines carefully selected ingredients that work in harmony to boost your metabolism and give you the energy you need to take control of your body. Embrace the power of these carefully selected natural ingredients. Let “Fucked Up Spike” be your partner on the journey to a healthy and active lifestyle!

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2 capsules, once a day
Extracts from coffee beans and green tea
enXtra® (alpinia galanga root)
Zynamite® (mangifera indica leaf)

60 capsules per package
2 capsules per serving
30 servings per package.


Swedish Supplements

Swedish Supplements