The pancake mix fits perfectly as a useful snack, for the brunch or as a useful snack!

• High protein content
• No added sugar
• Fast Repaired
• Healthy

Feel free to cook your pancakes in Healthycos coconut oil and spice up with Healthycos Hazelnut Proteinella! Or White chocolate Proteinella, This is a dream for the taste senses.


2 scoopes of powder are mixed with 2 dl of water into a smooth batter and fried to golden brown on both sides.

Taste: Naturel


Nutritional value per 100g.

Energy 1574kj / 376kcal
Protein 40g
Carbohydrates 45.3
- of which sugar is 4.3g
Fat 3.9g
- of which saturated 1.2g
Salt 1.5g

Ingredients: Oatmeal, milk protein, whey protein (milk), wheat starch, egg protein powder, skimmed milk powder (milk), whole egg powder, thickening agent / thickener (guar gum) flavorings, salt, baking soda / diphosphate, corn starch, sodium carbonates) emulsifier (sunflower / solsicle cithin), sweetener (sucralose).