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Swedish Supplements – Slow down, 60 caps


Slowdown is the product for those who want to unwind and recover after tough workouts. Contains ZMA as well as herbal extracts and GABA for a calming & soothing effect.

• Contains GABA
• Contains ZMA
• Contains chamomile

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Lemon balm is traditionally used against nervousness and anxiety, it contains soothing properties and is antibacterial and active against, among other things, the herpes virus. Lemon balm helps against a troubled and bloated stomach. Lemon balm helps maintain a restful sleep.

The Chamomile content of coumarin gives soothing results especially in case of anxiety and restlessness and facilitates sleep. It has good anticonvulsant properties that help with painful menstruation and PMS symptoms. The chamomile is said to relieve stress, anxiety and difficulty sleeping.

L-Theanine improves sleep quality and helps you unwind.
Researchers have looked at different studies concerning the link between l-theanine and a good night’s sleep. Among other things, they have looked at how long you sleep, the quality of sleep, how often you wake up and how sedated you feel when you wake up. In summary, the researchers found that 200 milligrams of l-theanine provide a better quality of sleep. You do not sleep longer, but you feel better, and you feel more relieved. L-Theanine is an effective substance that raises GABA values in the brain.

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid): It is the most common inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system that makes us feel calmer. Thus, it works in a directly opposite way to neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine that “speed up the system”. GABA can be a help in chronic fatigue, anxiety and contribute to better sleep. When you have a lack of GABA, it is often manifested by the fact that the nervous system is overactive and that you have difficulty relaxing, with the risk of burnout as a result. GABA is necessary for short-term memory as well as for recovery and to reduce stress. GABA is needed for the man’s prostate. GABA also helps to stimulate the release of growth hormone GH. GABA is synthesized in the body from glutamic acid.

Zinc contributes, among other things, to a normal energy turnover. The mineral also promotes optimal testosterone levels and a functioning protein synthesis.

Magnesium counteracts muscle fatigue and contributes to normal muscle function and electrolyte balance. Magnesium reduces stress hormones in the body and thus reduces bodily stress. A magnesium supplement before bedtime is said to contribute to easier sleep and increased sleep quality, as the muscles relax and the stress melts away. There are studies that prove this (1), (2) and it is mainly magnesium that accounts for the effect.


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