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Swedish Supplements – Cutter, 120 caps


Cutter – Weight Control System

  • Well-known functional ingredients for efficient combustion
  • High caffeine content
  • Natural fluid driving
  • Energizing

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Cutter has been developed by Swedish Supplements product developemnt team and includes a combination of caffeine, catechins, Forskolin and Chlorogenic acid from Green Coffee Beans. A recipe that works synergic to help you reach your goal: fast and effective weight loss!

Being on a diet is usually associated with both fatigue and hunger, which makes everyday life difficult. Cutter now gives you the tools that can reduce these problems and make weight loss easier.

The high caffeine content of Cutter makes you alert and provides much-needed energy so you can exercise at maintained intensity despite calorie deficits. Being alert also makes it easier to get do spontaneous physical activities, which increase the general burn even more. In addition to providing energy, caffeine contributes to an increased thermogenesis (body heat) as well as working as a diuretic.


Swedish Supplements

Swedish Supplements