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Swedish Supplements – MCT Vital – 300g Neutral Flavour


MCT vital from Swedish Supplements is a keto-friendly dietary supplement with pure MCT fat from coconut and provides energy when you want to avoid getting it from carbohydrates and sugar.


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MCT Vital is a dietary supplement with pure MCT fat from coconut in powder form. MCT fat (Medium Chain Triglyceride) consists of medium fatty acids and is used as a fast-available energy source perfect for those who are on a ketogenic diet or just want to reduce carbohydrates in their diet.

MCT belongs to the saturated fats family, but it differs from other fatty acids in this group because they have completely different properties and different absorption methods. MCT does not provide elevated cholesterol levels and does not increase the risk of heart disease. The MCT powder is easily soluble and supplies the muscles with energy from the easily degradable fatty acids. MCT is stored only to a very small amount of fat in the body because the uptake of energy is prioritized to organs and muscles. It is the “fast carbohydrate” of fats, although we do not have to deal with the blood sugar fluctuations that we get from glucose (carbohydrates).

MCT Vital also contains prebiotic acacia fibres necessary to create a fine powder of MCT oil as well as promote good stomach/bowel health and function.


Swedish Supplements

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